iWAYS and ETEKINA feature in EU report “Scaling up innovative technologies for climate neutrality”


The European Commission has recently published the report “Scaling up innovative technologies for climate neutrality”, which analyses 184 demonstrator projects for climate neutrality in energy-intensive industries: among them, also iWAYS and ETEKINA (iWAYS predecessor) projects have been cited.

The projects include innovative clean technology areas such as electrification, the integration of hydrogen, carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS), circularity and energy efficiency. They have been tested in various energy intensive industrial plants, notably chemicals, cement, steel, glass, paper, ceramics, and oil refineries throughout the EU.

The demonstrators are at different stages of maturity (technology readiness levels) and are not yet on the market. They have been financed by EU instruments (mostly by Horizon Europe, Horizon 2020, and the Innovation Fund), and by individual EU countries through Important Projects of Common European Interests (IPCEIs).

The report points to the need for follow-up investments for these clean technologies to enter the market by 2030 and to significantly contribute to the EU climate goals of 2050.

ETEKINA and iWAYS are proud to be among these projects and to send a signal to industry, public and private
investors, national governments and managing authorities to support and increase investments in these technologies that can provide the economic prosperity in a more sustainable way.