Water closed loop in industrial processes

Recycling industrial waters in combination with heat and/or substances in energy and resource intensive industries by developing innovative Heat Pipe Condensing Economisers and other integrated water-smart strategies.

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iWAYS will find ways to reduce, recover and reutilize gaseous, liquid and solid waste. Our ambition is to contribute to a future where industry is sustainable and green. This will require advances in several fields. Each one of these innovations will benefit not only European industry but also society.

Water recovery and recycle from gaseous emissions

Between 30% to 60% less freshwater consumed. Up to 90% of discarded water will be recovered from condensate stream.

Unrecoverable heat recovery

Between 10% to 80% reduction in waste heat and energy consumption by recovering thermal energy and sensible heat via Heat Pipe Condensing Economiser systems.

Material Recovery

Recovery of material by valorising challenging exhaust streams. The iWAYS systems will allow the removal of elements in the exhaust gases, like Boron, VOCs, and acid gases (HF, SOx, NOx, HCl).

iWays principle

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The @iwaysWaterEu project featured prominently during the special Symposium on Energy and Water Efficiency in Process ...Industries with valuable presentations by many of our project partners @ITC_ceramica, @HPTM_group @MontorsiLuca @SciComms, JSI, SIJ, IAMAS, @uoaofficial

The last day at #SEEP2022 opens with great keynotes from @SylTedesco on symbiosis opportunities between paper and ...concrete industries, @MontorsiLuca on the role of Numerical Simulation in energy intensive industries, and @alamalami on compressed air energy storage opportunities.


Irina Celades Lopez from @ITC_ceramica, partner in @iwaysWaterEu, talks about the importance of continuous ...#emissionmonitoring to recover resources in different industrial processes and ensure appropriate #environmental protection measures.

More at: https://t.co/JyKXxKcDQL


Prof. Alojz Buhvald, executive director at Metal Ravne 🇸🇮, delivers the first keynote of day 3 at #SEEP2022 on ...efficient energy use in environmental impact reduction of the #steelindustry and on the experience of working on @iwaysWaterEu predecessor, the @heat_pipes project.


Day 3 at #SEEP2022 and the Symposium on Energy and #WaterEfficiency in Industrial Processes in underway, chaired by ...iWAYS project coordinator @MontorsiLuca

Check out the agenda for today here:


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