Water closed loop in industrial processes

Recycling industrial waters in combination with heat and/or substances in energy and resource intensive industries by developing innovative Heat Pipe Condensing Economisers and other integrated water-smart strategies.

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iWAYS will find ways to reduce, recover and reutilize gaseous, liquid and solid waste. Our ambition is to contribute to a future where industry is sustainable and green. This will require advances in several fields. Each one of these innovations will benefit not only European industry but also society.

Water recovery and recycle from gaseous emissions

Between 30% to 60% less freshwater consumed. Up to 90% of discarded water will be recovered from condensate stream.

Unrecoverable heat recovery

Between 10% to 80% reduction in waste heat and energy consumption by recovering thermal energy and sensible heat via Heat Pipe Condensing Economiser systems.

Material Recovery

Recovery of material by valorising challenging exhaust streams. The iWAYS systems will allow the removal of elements in the exhaust gases, like Boron, VOCs, and acid gases (HF, SOx, NOx, HCl).

iWays principle

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At #COP28 our partner @H20EU took the iWAYS policy brief to a close door round table on #WaterEfficiency and #industry.... The #H2020 project was mentioned as an example of practices and to feed the discussion.
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The core of our project is the integration of our water and heat recovery technologies. Therefore, it is necessary that... our integrated water management system monitors and ensures the quality of the water we recycle.
Read about our quality control measures

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@Sam_Jouhara shakes a #heatpipe at our #labtour ...and you can hear a clicking sound.
🕵‍🕵‍Listen to the video and give us your guess below!
The riddle will be solved here in our channel.
#prototype #heatrecovery

Welcome to the iWAYS #prototype, standing in the laboratory of the Lithuanian Energy Institute🇱🇹! One of our ...#projectmeeting highlights was to see the HPCE actually running.
Our experts from the Energy Institute were so kind to guide us through their lab.

Where did the iWAYS consortium hold their 7th #ProjectMeeting ?
In the second-largest city of Lithuania🇱🇹: ...#Kaunas was not only just awarded the #UnescoWorldHeritage for its architecture of optimism - it is also the place where the iWAYS #prototype is being tested.

One feature of our #WaterTreatment process will be the Photocatalytic Nanofiltration reactor (PNFR). This technology ...combines two techniques. It will be applied at our @TubacexW use case with the aim of treating wastewater with high efficiency.

Learn more https://t.co/awlIH0GuGb

Heat pipes are highly efficient heat transfer devices that rely on phase change principles to transport heat. But how ...are we using this technology in iWAYS. Our video shows how.

#heatrecovery #industrialprocesses #heatpipes #energyreuse

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