iWAYS recommends an innovative approach for a water-smart Industrial Emission Directive


The iWAYS policy paper presents the case for digitally enhanced circular economy principles and models to foster a water-smart industry.

Industrial production processes account for a considerable share of the overall pollution in Europe due to their emissions of air pollutants, discharges of waste-water and the generation of waste.

Currently undergoing an amendment process, the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) is a European Union directive that aims to reduce harmful emissions from industrial activities and to ensure a high level of protection for the environment and human health.

During the UN 2023 Water Conference WEFE Nexus, iWAYS partners Water Europe had the opportunity to present the first iWAYS policy paper outlining the projects overarching goal of strongly encouraging industry to value water and exploit the value in water to reduce their water footprint and pollution into air, water, and soils from industrial activities.

The iWAYS partnership recommends MEPs and Member States to support the development of a digitally enhanced circular economy model with a cross-sectoral approach around the water-waste-energy nexus.

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